Sunday, July 29, 2012

Domestic days

I've spent the last few days puttering around the house. I'm supposed to be cleaning it up before the house sitter arrives next week. I daresay it will happen at the last minute! Really I've been sitting around watching the Olympics. Damn sports! There's not much I won't watch. I'm struggling with a meds side affect that makes it difficult for me to swallow so there have been a few sleepless nights. Probably no time to go to the dr before we head off. And George expressed his happiness at getting lap cuddles by reaching up and biting the tail off one of my 1940s wooden Scottie dog brooches. Just over one more week until holiday time and the weather is looking super sunshiny in Europe! Hurrah!

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Anonymous said...

Oh you must see a doctor before you go. How will you be able to swallow French champagne?????