Thursday, July 12, 2012

Old film bonanza!

Ah Channel 31! Home of shows on gentle exercises for seniors! The place to go if you want to advertise car mufflers! Low budget glory! AND home of the best midday movies. I don't know who does the programming but I thank them. You can find all sorts of obscure gems here - sometimes decidedly B grade but entertaining nonetheless. And occasionally, something truly great - though I count George Formby films as top drawer so your mileage may vary! And they recently had their own little Lassie festival so I'm not saying it's always glory days. They showed Powell and Pressburger's One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing recently - man I love that film. And I've got a Carole Lombard one waiting on TiVo. Actually, I've got more movies than I can watch, what with the Tour de France requiring several hours viewing each night.

Lina Romay

Irene Ware - just two of the lovely almost-stars you can see on Channel 31. In other news, I seem to have broken the library's Facebook page. Sigh. - Toodle Pip!

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