Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beautiful Bath!

Gorgeous, charming and utterly delightful Bath! And stupidly expensive to get to for such a short train trip. Rose, our host and old school friend, Mr C and I headed off for a day trip to Bath. I think I want to live there! It's like being on a movie set for a Regency film. We started with lunch in a sunny garden courtyard (though we'd already snacked on Marks and Spencer pork pies on the trip down!) Best home made raspberry lemonade ever! Then a short stroll to the Jane Austen museum - display a bit patchy but a great talk on her life and time in Bath. So evocative. I got to sample ratafia - which gets mentioned all the time in Regency novels. It's a drink but also little almond biscuits that get served with it. Yum! I also got to try on some Regency bonnets. Thrilling! I felt like such a demure lady. The man at the door saw I was dressed 1940s and so I was serenaded by a Regency chap singing a Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square.

Then off to the fashion museum. This was a ripper! An excellent, extensive collection from the 17th century onwards. Absolutely fabulous. We spent a loooong time here swooning over gauntlet gloves, corsets and embroidery. A magnificent collection beautifully curated.

But there was still more to see in Bath! We strolled around looking at the architecture, stopping off for tea and carrot cake before heading to the big attraction - the Roman baths. Wow, wow, wow! An amazingly well preserved complex. Absolutely amazing. And yes, I did sample the waters.

We just had time for a stroll along the river before heading to the evening train. Only to find it cancelled. With no explanation. Next train, two hours away. Dunkirk spirit kicks in - we head to the station hotel for some lemonade and onion rings. Back to the station - and the train is delayed. Eying off the number of passengers dubiously - clearly many of them went to the pub during the wait... Our reserved seats no longer hold... Train arrives and it's standing room only. Though there appears to be heaps of room in the first class carriages no one makes a move towards them. We end up separated from Rose, squished in a doorway with people shouting - and still drinking. Got a seat eventually, got to the tube station, hopped on. Except it's terminating early. So we get off and wait for another. Get to the bus station and hop on. And then the bus breaks down. Oy oy oy! We end up walking home. Past midnight, way past my bedtime! At least it didn't rain...


Anonymous said...

This all sounds fantastic Sweetheart. Your Mum and I visited Bath so long ago and I recall getting into a "discussion" with some American tourists who were angry about an elderly lady passenger being late for the return journey. I made acomment to the effect that they didn''t mind being two years late to enter the war which didn''t go down all that well.
Sharon''s Birthday yesterday and we took her to lunch where the food was fantastic. Sorry - no photos of food.
Love Dad and Graziella

Curvy Kitty said...

Tee hee! That's funny. We've only had one encounter with American tourists and their rudeness and ignorance left us gobsmacked!