Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In Chancery

Ok, I'm a little behind the times here - we're actually in Berlin...

I took Bleak House with me for my London reading so I made Mr Chairman take me on a tour of the scene of much of the book. We went out for a bit of a Dickens walk through the courts of Chancery, the law offices of Lincoln's Inn and the Temple. We saw the law courts and the Old Bailey. The Inn and Temple were quiet tourist free cloisters, silent courtyards and gated gardens (complete with do not walk on the grass signs). I was in Dickens heaven! It was all very evocative. In our wanders we came across the ruins of a Christopher Wren church. Only one wall was standing, the rest destroyed in an air raid in 1940. The site is now a sweet cottage garden in the centre of the legal district. Box hedges mark out the aisle, and wooden frames indicate the pillars of the church. It was a richly smelling mass of yellow roses, budlia, lavender, hydrangeas and clematis. Enchanting!

My mum would have loved it and been particularly inspired for her new garden. It was such a beautiful surprise in the middle of the city. Next stop, the Imperial War Museum!

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Anonymous said...

Oh the garden is absolutely enchanting. I have a thing about hedges at the moment and am cultivating a small box hedge around the bird bath. Thank you for taking the photos. Inspiring.
Must have been wonderful to stroll in Dicken's foosteps. And in such lovely weather.
Love you,