Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer sunshine

I'm sitting on the balcony, fingers stained with fresh strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, reading Dickens and watching the breeze stir the runner beans and tomato plants. It's a sunny day and I'm already sunburnt. The flight to London was rather trying - next holiday we're going to Bali! Things here are ridiculously cheap. We've had cooked breakfasts every day. And - oh! - the tea is nice and strong and hot. Despite the Olympics, the crowds are moderate. In any case, the tourists are very friendly - a little more so than the Londoners themselves. Customer service, for the most part, is non existent. British reserve is very real! If you say thank you to someone or offer to help them they just stare at you. If you're in their way they'll simply stand behind you getting grumpy, but won't say a word.

Why did I not buy these platform shoes??? I've bought tea at Fortnum and Masons, seen the Rosetta Stone and Cleopatra's mummy at the British Museum and caught lots of double decker buses. I also got separated from my husband on the tube which we won't speak about... And there are squirrels in our street. Best of all was the Bomber Command memorial and the Australian war memorial near Hyde Park. Very well done and very moving. No one wears make up here which, personally, I think is a bit of a mistake. Though it's nice to see 16 year old girls look like 16 year old girls and not tarted up hoes. The concept of melanoma doesn't appear to have sunk in and you'll see a 50 year old fair skinned freckled woman deliberately choosing a seat in the afternoon sun - madness. We're staying in a West Indian and African area and the women and men in traditional dress are beautiful - not afraid of a bit of colour (which Mr Chairman thinks is a very good thing)! On the vintage front, I am testing out some proper old fashioned hair setting lotion and setting rollers. Though the Jamaican girl in Boots thought I was after air freshener. Apparently we do not speak the same language.


Anonymous said...

lady I'm so jealous! i think the shoes would have been a mistake - look fabulous but take up too much room in your pack? Save it for more fortnum and mason tea. Also, I think 'ho' is spelled h-o not with an e... I could be wrong tho.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you are having. Great that things are cheap - who would have thought? But of course that makes it ideal for gifts for loving mothers!!!!!
Enjoy every moment.

Anonymous said...

wonderful to read your post and see all the happy pics on FB!