Monday, September 10, 2012

A bike ride to a palace

One of the big events for our Paris trip was a bike ride through Versailles. Oh my, the splendour! We went with Fat Tyre Tours and it was such a lovely day. The sun shone, we caught a train to Versailles and shopped at the markets there. Oh my! We had crepes with ham and cheese to keep us going - picked up some gooey camembert and a soft cheese with walnut paste that was in season, a loaf of olive bread and the biggest slice of quiche I've ever seen. Food in France is everything that you imagine - amazing! We then road through the fields of Versailles, past Marie Antoinette's peasant village and through the forests. We picnicked at the end of the grand canal, looking up towards the palace. The food was good, the grass was long and the sun was shiney - so we had a little snooze. On towards the palace which defies description! We took a turn through the formal gardens which were magnificent before heading off for a cup of tea at a local bistro. Tired and happy making.

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