Monday, September 10, 2012

Jane Austen in the tattoo parlour

Back in London! And I discover the British Film Institute. Oh my! What an absolute treasure this cinema is. A shop just bursting with 1940s films and documentaries! An Alfred Hitchcock festival with lots of his early silent British films! I absolutely loved the place - except they don't serve choc tops - essential to visiting the picture palace in my opinion. They also have booths where you can watch, for free, movies, tv shows and documentaries from their collection.

On my birthday, after a long and lazy brunch, I went to South Kensington to the V&A Museum. They had a beautiful fashion collection that I absolutely loved. We then went to visit the medieval section - lots of tapestries and armour for knights and horses, as well as beautiful carved wooden church ornamentation. Rose and I finished up having home made lemonade, scones and raspberry jam and clotted cream in the garden courtyard. I then headed off to the BFI and watched a 1936 George Formby film - I like him so much! When I got home Rose had made us a roast chicken dinner for my birthday, with home grown potatoes and corn. Yum yum!

One of the big events for our holiday - Kim was finally getting his Bomber Command tattoo - in honour of his dad, who flew Lancasters with the RAF during the war. It's absolutely magnificent but was a bit nervous making. I sat in the palour and read Jane Austen while he had it done. Here's a sneak peek of three hours' worth of tattooing!

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Anonymous said...

I don't believe Kim that it didn't hurt. I'm pretty sure my tattoo was pretty painful. And it's about 1/50th the size....