Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What was sent to the soldier's wife...

...from Brussels in Belgium land? From Brussels, he sent her the laces so fair, to have and to wear, those laces so fair from Brussels in Belgium land. (Kurt Weil) The Australian Comforts Fund has certainly lifted its game: I got a care package from my mum, lately back from Europe. Beats a woolen balaclava. Hand painted vintage buttons from Brantôme in the Dordogne! A Delft dish! A beautiful handmade lace collar from Bruges! A thimble from Haarlem! I have a kind of thimble collection. Kind of because I didn't collect them so much as pinch them from my mum. I had hoped for one from Kim as a wedding present, as in ye olden times, before wedding rings, a thimble was given as a token of betrothal. Clearly I didn't drop enough hints! The collar is from my stepfather for my birthday and it is absolutely stunning. Think I have the perfect late 1930s pattern dress to make for it. There were also some chocolates but by the time i came to taking the photo there wasn't much to show you! I'm a lucky girl. AND Jens Otto is joining us at Christmas time!

Location:Carlisle St,Balaclava,Australia

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