Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ahoy there!

I'm pretty sure I need this fabric. It's got lobsters on it for heaven's sake! Lobsters! Who doesn't need a lobster dress? I'm not sure what pattern to use...

Unless it needs to be a skirt? Thoughts? And continuing the crustacean theme, a crab shirt!

Due to the expansion of the bike family I've not had much room for sewing but I got some pretty pretty fabric from mum for a sundress so I might have a little sewing bee soon. Though kitten plus sewing probably = disaster. It's hard enough typing this!- Toodle Pip!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I am not a tree!

I've been saying this a lot lately. Along with 'hands are not a toy'. (Also hair, glasses, boobs, frocks and shoes.) Jens Otto is completely bonkers. I love him to bits but - completely and utterly bonkers.

He's a true cyclist, just like his namesake.

Cat fishing app! I did almost kill him yesterday. I was wrapping my Christmas presents and it really was hard to do with a kitten underfoot. Not to mention that I'd left it to the last minute, was in a rush and had to use nail scissors because I'd lost our kitchen scissors. I was almost in tears!

Mum took us out to Kamel for dinner last night, along with a library workmate. Yum yum yum! Michael's a vegetarian so we sampled lots of dishes we don't normally order: sweet potato and sesame felafel, field mushrooms with feta, patatas bravas, grilled watermelon and pepper salad. Mmmmm... Toodle Pip!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Yes, I nearly exploded with excitement! Little Monkey Face now lives with us. He's ever so tiny and still a little bit shy.

He has about an hour of crazy play before he has a big snooze. He sleeps a lot!

He's scared of the big cats. George is pretty chilled but Lyle wonders if he can eat him. We love him!- Toodle Pip!

Monday, December 10, 2012


Thursday night is kitty cat night! But I haven't been able to find a nice little bed for him so I think he's going to live in a cardboard box with some snugglies. Big cats have been warned but I know they're going to be extremely pissed off. Gone all nesty and bought new towels. Fuchsia pink happy happy!

Bought bed linen a while back and only just been told it's out of stock. Cotton box = avoid. Absolutely hopeless. And very disappointing. Potential bedlinen no 2:

I'm not sure though. I've gone all florally! But it might need to wait until post Christmas. The crochet and I have come to an understanding. I take it a bit more slowly and it will get done when it's done. I'm actually enjoying it very much and miss it when I run out of wool. Still not even half way through though.- Toodle Pip!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunny days

Two weeks until Monkey Face joins our family. Got lots of kitty stuff to stock up on.

Happy making is packing away my winter clothes. I sure do like brown. Now it's all cotton florals. Yes, I know it rained on the weekend but I'm still hopeful! Probably won't get to sew again until Mount Crochet has been conquered. Had my crafternoon tea on the weekend. One of the ladies said my crochet technique was 'cute'. I think that's old lady code for 'completely wrong'.- Toodle Pip!