Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I am not a tree!

I've been saying this a lot lately. Along with 'hands are not a toy'. (Also hair, glasses, boobs, frocks and shoes.) Jens Otto is completely bonkers. I love him to bits but - completely and utterly bonkers.

He's a true cyclist, just like his namesake.

Cat fishing app! I did almost kill him yesterday. I was wrapping my Christmas presents and it really was hard to do with a kitten underfoot. Not to mention that I'd left it to the last minute, was in a rush and had to use nail scissors because I'd lost our kitchen scissors. I was almost in tears!

Mum took us out to Kamel for dinner last night, along with a library workmate. Yum yum yum! Michael's a vegetarian so we sampled lots of dishes we don't normally order: sweet potato and sesame felafel, field mushrooms with feta, patatas bravas, grilled watermelon and pepper salad. Mmmmm... Toodle Pip!

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Anonymous said...

oh my, kitten is way cute, as your presents- I love the wrapping paper you've done. Have a great day with the Chairman and latest fur-kiddy!