Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wedding Anniversary Dress

Ideas are brewing for the WAD. But I lack the confidence to get out my pencils and actually start sketching some designs. I had started with the idea do grape vines but found an acorn on my bookshelf the other day. I had picked in up, green with promise, when we had our photos taken in St Vincent's Place. It's now brown and smooth and a thing of beauty. So I got to thinking about oak leaves and acorns in burnished gold. Here's some of my inspiration. The lucious third picture is a Napoleonic era military uniform. Breathtaking work! Mine, of course, will be a lot simpler! Depends on how long it takes me! I also found this, a 1930s sketch for a Schiaperelli outfit by the Andre Fashion Studio, with violet oak leaves and red acorns on a gold lame jacket. Think I'm on the right track! Toodle Pip!

Crochet Project of Doom

Finished! I am so, so happy! I put it across the sofa for the afternoon tea. It's actually huge - most of it is draped down the back. What with kittens being kittens, it's now folded up for safe keeping, away from little claws. Though the kittens still love it and Dita seems to regard it as her special spot. Very satisfied! - Toodle Pip!

Afternoon tea

On the weekend I hosted an afternoon tea with ladies I hadn't seen in a long, long time. JoKasch, Nicolez and little Daisy came to visit and we had cucumber sandwiches, chicken, olive and lemon sandwiches, a hazelnut and cinnamon cake and, because it was super hot, lots of iced lemon barley water. I was so busy chatting I forgot to take action shots!

My new silver tea service! A gift from my mum. I'd hate to have to clean on a Downton Abbey scale but polishing silver is immensely satisfying. You can also see my cherished pineapple sugar bowl, a gift from my sister. And in the second pick you can see my favourite rose patterned vintage plate - a wedding gift from a friend's mother. So lucky to be given such special things! I introduced Daisy to Bugs Bunny and got inspired for a sewing project - more about that when I finish my wedding anniversary dress! - Toodle Pip!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

House pretties

I got all nesty after we got home from overseas. One of my slow burn projects is to replace all the boring door handles in the kitchen. Would you believe we have 16! Before I show them to you I'll need to beg your understanding - our cupboards are in a pretty rough state. And as we've just regrouted the bathroom I draw the line at repainting the cupboards. Just think of it as shabby chic. Very, very shabby chic. So we've gone from this:

To these:

From Anthropologie. Pretty but the post quality is a bit suss. Today I picked up these plum numbers from near work:

It's a tiny little project but it makes me happy. If you know of any (not super expensive) cupboard handles around the traps do let me know. - Toodle Pip!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Plotting and scheming

Today I finished my crocheted rug!!! Stay tuned for a specially styled pic!!! So satisfied and pleased and proud. And already thinking -what's next? Yes, I know, baby present. Despite everyone's feedback, I'm going for the hat, largely because I think I can knock it off in a few lunchtimes, but partly because I've thought of something else I want to work on! I've long been toying with ideas for a special dress for my wedding anniversary dinner - and I think I'm onto something. Partly inspired by this:

I'm thinking of an autumnal dress with leaf appliqué. I reckon this pattern will fit the bill:

I've got some burgundy crepe fabric but I've just found some cognac satin backed crepe:

Beautiful colour but bit expensive what with postage. Cleggs also sell an olive satin backed crepe which is also a potential. A lot of 1940s evening dresses were black so that's also a possibility. Leaves will be gold with a little embroidery to define the shape. Really really sparkly gold! Six weeks to do it in so will need to get things sorted soon. And learn how to appliqué. And embroider. No problem!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The end is nigh!

Finally, the Crochet Project of Doom is on the home stretch! Crocheting is finished. I'm steaming the squares into shape - a tedious task and I have to admit I'm doing a half assed job. Then the mammoth sewing task. I am immensely proud and already thinking of what's next. I'm looking at vintage crockery for inspiration. Really, if we had enough space our house would be filled with this. So pretty...

- Toodle Pip!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sweet little baby

Nah, not kittens for a change! Friends of mine are expecting a little boy this winter. I would like to make them a baby something. Something where I can learn a new skill. But something useful. And pretty. Here's what I'm looking at. Crochet bear hat. I'm pretty sure I can make this. Bib backed with terry toweling. If I can find some. Ok mums, is this practical? Or a pretty waste of time? When do babies need bibs? Appliqué suity thing. Maybe a rocket or a dinosaur. A cot quilt. I think I'm leaning towards this project. A good small scale intro to the craft. Except I might need specialist tools. But I think choosing the fabric would be a lot of fun. And it's practical? Sweet dreams little one quilted and embroidered pillowcase. Ah. Except I just found out babies don't use pillows... Righto mums! What do you think would be a special gift? - Toodle Pip!


My three week holiday is coming to an end...so sad! I've done heaps of crochet, some pretty awesome kitten bonding and had a jaunt to WA. And you know what, Crochet Project of Doom - granny squares almost done! Just need to do a few more pieces, sew in all the ends, block each square and crochet together. Ah, yeah, it will take a while! Mum came upto cat sit and we mad sour traditional trip to the gallery. Best spot in the city for a cup of tea.

WA was a mixed bag. Good to catch up with family but Perth, not so crazy about. We hired road bikes for the week and it was horrible. Drivers scary rude, no cycling culture, no respect, no infrastructure. Awful. And when we stopped for coffee? Awful. Food insultingly overpriced. And they have this thing about balsamic on everything. Even poached eggs. Service. Awful. People. Awful. But the weather is perfect. And the beaches amazing. Dad and Graziella live in Fremantle right near the beach. Swimming in the sea was happy making. We ended up going down south to Albany and that was much better. Though a five hour drive away from Fremantle.

Mr C is initiated into the Sicilian Brotherhood of Cannoli Stuffers. Apparently it's a job for the men of the family. I ate a lot of cannoli!!! My stepbrother took me up in a light aircraft over the coast. Beautiful but I was really really scared. Started thinking about life insurance!

Safely on the ground!!!!

Vintage bathers finally get wet. The beach at the end of dad's street in Albany. That's King George Sound. I LOVE swimming in the sea!!!

Kittypalooza - the sequel

Meet Dita, the latest addition to our family!

She's about the same age as Jens but sweetly round and entirely feminine. Jens is all for playing rough but she's not so convinced yet. She's super cuddlesome and purry.

The menfolk bond over the problem of women. - Toodle Pip!