Saturday, February 2, 2013


My three week holiday is coming to an sad! I've done heaps of crochet, some pretty awesome kitten bonding and had a jaunt to WA. And you know what, Crochet Project of Doom - granny squares almost done! Just need to do a few more pieces, sew in all the ends, block each square and crochet together. Ah, yeah, it will take a while! Mum came upto cat sit and we mad sour traditional trip to the gallery. Best spot in the city for a cup of tea.

WA was a mixed bag. Good to catch up with family but Perth, not so crazy about. We hired road bikes for the week and it was horrible. Drivers scary rude, no cycling culture, no respect, no infrastructure. Awful. And when we stopped for coffee? Awful. Food insultingly overpriced. And they have this thing about balsamic on everything. Even poached eggs. Service. Awful. People. Awful. But the weather is perfect. And the beaches amazing. Dad and Graziella live in Fremantle right near the beach. Swimming in the sea was happy making. We ended up going down south to Albany and that was much better. Though a five hour drive away from Fremantle.

Mr C is initiated into the Sicilian Brotherhood of Cannoli Stuffers. Apparently it's a job for the men of the family. I ate a lot of cannoli!!! My stepbrother took me up in a light aircraft over the coast. Beautiful but I was really really scared. Started thinking about life insurance!

Safely on the ground!!!!

Vintage bathers finally get wet. The beach at the end of dad's street in Albany. That's King George Sound. I LOVE swimming in the sea!!!

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