Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Plotting and scheming

Today I finished my crocheted rug!!! Stay tuned for a specially styled pic!!! So satisfied and pleased and proud. And already thinking -what's next? Yes, I know, baby present. Despite everyone's feedback, I'm going for the hat, largely because I think I can knock it off in a few lunchtimes, but partly because I've thought of something else I want to work on! I've long been toying with ideas for a special dress for my wedding anniversary dinner - and I think I'm onto something. Partly inspired by this:

I'm thinking of an autumnal dress with leaf appliqué. I reckon this pattern will fit the bill:

I've got some burgundy crepe fabric but I've just found some cognac satin backed crepe:

Beautiful colour but bit expensive what with postage. Cleggs also sell an olive satin backed crepe which is also a potential. A lot of 1940s evening dresses were black so that's also a possibility. Leaves will be gold with a little embroidery to define the shape. Really really sparkly gold! Six weeks to do it in so will need to get things sorted soon. And learn how to appliqué. And embroider. No problem!


Anonymous said...

How exciting . All the fabric sounds divine. Where is the wad??? Kamel???

Curvy Kitty said...

Yep! I better get stitching!