Wednesday, March 20, 2013

There was movement at the station!

So work went a bit craziola so my day off wasn't quite as off as it could have been! When I finally got away I trotted to South Melbourne to stock up on supplies for the WAD. And they had no crepe. I've been looking at their crepe for four years. No. Crepe. So off to the city. Last time I was in the city was??? No idea. It was strange. Went to Lincraft - they had the crepe but not the colour. Went to Clegs - they had the colour but not the quantity. Clearly it was time for a cup of tea - when my day really got strange. I was accosted by a fashion designer (just back from his show in Paris!) He wanted to take my photo. All fine. Well, more than fine! How flattering! Then he joined my table and two hours later, and some rather interesting discussions about the fashion industry, I got away. I don't really talk to strangers. I'm not sure if I'll do it again. Anyway. Fabric got bought. Went to L'Uccello and got some super glam metallic thread for the embroidery. Though it turns out this is a lot finer than I imagined. Which means a lot more work. Think the project just got a bit smaller! Then I had to go back to work, which is why I'm doing laundry at 8.45pm... - Toodle Pip!


donnasoowho said...

Thats so hilarious!

Anonymous said...

What adventures you have!!!!! Sounds like a scene in a movie (you are Barbara Stanwyk). Baby hats simply marvellous. You shoul make them for the baby shop down the road.Good luck with WAD.