Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm a Brownie!

How much brown fabric does a girl need? Probably not as much as I have! The fabric store in Fitzroy was having a sale so I nipped over to see what they had. They usually have a good selection of ex designer wools. And anything chocolate brown was half priced for Easter. I bought some lovely brown wools for two skirts and some silk that's going to drape beautifully for wide legged trousers. Not sure about the trousers as Heyday Vintage do some that fit me perfectly but hey, it's a challenge. I've got a few patterns and I think I'll adjust them to the same fitting as my Heydays so it should work out just fine. I think. I also checked out their range of fake furs - this year the fur cape is going to happen! The girls in the store were lovely and opened boxes of new stuff so I could see what had just come in. How's that for service!

Then I popped in to L'Uccello to pick up buttons for the WAD. That's the goldy ones above. Hard to see but they're leaves and berries - close enough to oak leaves! The WAD has stalled slightly as I've been too scared for the next step. At each stage there's a huge hurdle to overcome so I need a bit of thinking - and nerve steeling - time. Finally bit the bullet and cut it out. After re drafting the back bodice for a non period finish but one I'm much happier with. If it works. I had been really worried I didn't have enough fabric! But it's all good. I also spent some time on a secret project! It's early days so more details later! Very exciting! - Toodle Pip!


Anonymous said...

oooh a secret project. Can't wait for it to be revealed.
Loved the brown suit in previous blog. Your sewing projects do indeed sound challenging but wonderful. What's this about fake fur cape? I though we were knitting one????!!!!

Curvy Kitty said...

Quite different the F Fur Cape is very 40s - very boxy. I still need to find the right fur. Found some last year and didn't buy it...