Sunday, April 28, 2013

Me and a mountain bike

I am an absolute hero! I just got home from a mountain bike day in the Dandenongs with the Cogsgirls. If I'd known what they were going to throw at us I wouldn't have slept soundly all week.

Dandenongs = beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous this time of year. Instruction from the fellows from Bike Now was amazing. So supportive. Everyone looked after and amazingly encouraging. I am so so glad I went and so proud of myself for overcoming my fears. It is so much more physically taxing than road riding and I really didn't expect it to be that much harder. Huge breakfast, shower and I'm in my pyjamas already and on the couch watching the footy. Brilliant day! Toodle Pip!


Anonymous said...

How absolutely wonderful. Well done. I had no idea you were planning this. I know you used to do road runs with these girls. The forest looks beautiful. No wonder you are so proud of yourself!!!! How are the muscles now????
The shirts also look fab and so comfy. Can't see the buttons clearly enough to comment on.

Curvy Kitty said...

Absolutely knackered! Soooo tired the next day.