Thursday, May 2, 2013

Miss Laverty's motoring hood

Also on the horizon is this cute 1940s pixie hood.

But I'm having problems picking a colour. Leaf green? Pale blue? Cornflower blue? Bright red? Going to look on the weekend to see what is available at Little Sparrow. It's DK wool so quite a common weight, though I have seen it made up in 4ply. Hmmm...decisions! - Toodle Pip!


Anonymous said...

What is this Secret Project? I don't think I know about this. Do I????
The buttons look fabulous. I like the way the yellow ones ar presented - very cute.
I'll look on the website to see the colours. Perhaps a mulberry colour??

Curvy Kitty said...

Secret Project to be revealed in about a month's time. You'll have to wait and see!