Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spotlight bonanza!

Spotlight was having (another) sale! I've topped up on some plain fabrics and then I reckon I'm about done for shirts.

More autumnal colours. I've decided to go long sleeved for the plains. I've not done heaps of button down cuffs so this will be a bit of a stretch for me.

Diagonal checks! I've been thinking about a two tone shirt and I reckon this is it. Diagonal checks for the front bodice piece and then dark grey for back, sleeves and collar. Maybe checked cuffs. Except they didn't have any grey so that one will have to wait for a bit. The pink is going to be a spectacularly plain pink shirt all on it's own. It's VERY pink!! Then I need to get started on some skirts. I've got the wool fabric but think I might start with something cheaper. Just in case! Maybe some cord. Ah next pay! Happy sewing times! Toodle Pip!

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