Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dig for Victory

Such a sunshiny day I just had to get out in the garden. My current project is to extend the Victory Garden a bit. The area next to it was choked with wretched spider plants so it needed some hefty spadework to clear. Took me two days but I'm super pleased with the results. The kittens came to help me and my neighbor Fleur brought me a cup of tea at just the right time!

The plan is to get some beetroot in, some pansies, marigolds and more parsley. Yes, more parsley! The new area has a lot of tree roots so if I get herbs in it will leave me room in the first patch for veggies. Love winter garden planning!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Arthelia's Attic snood

Here's my new custom snood from Arthelia's Attic!

I am completely in love with it and about to order some more. And looking at my shirt I'm quite pleased with it. Might make another. Though there's some brown wool waiting to become a skirt...- Toodle Pip!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Well hello sailor!

New woollies from my mum! This is the V for Victory cardigan from the Stitches in Time vintage knitting book. Knitted in super gorgeous silk wool blend. It's fine and featherlight but snuggly warm. You can't see but I'm wearing my anchor shirt and the cardi has cute little anchor buttons. Matchy matchy! With my Heyday navy trousers. So thanks mum for all your knitting time and talent. And yes, I'd like another one please! Toodle Pip!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wonder Women

Just to get all gossipy and non vintage for a moment...

That's Lynda Carter. And isn't she looking good? (Cue someone telling me she's had plastic surgery. I can never tell.)
And we're talking Lynda Carter because she once starred in a movie as Rita Hayworth. Which, if you imagine her hair red and kinda squint a bit, you can totally see. She's certainly got the figure for it. And yes, I looked it up: 38D 20 38. What a waist! (Though I think Xena would totally whip her butt!)

And as for other lovelies:

Rita Hayworth || 36.5C – 24 – 36 (5ft 6)
Sophia Loren || 38C – 24 – 38 (5ft 7)
Betty Grable || 36 – 24 – 35 (5ft 4)
Vivien Leigh || 32A – 23 – 33 (5ft 3)
Audrey Hepburn || 34A – 20 – 34 (5ft 7)
Marilyn Monroe || 36 – 23 37 (5ft 5)
Veronica Lake || 34 – 21 – 33 (5ft to 5ft 2)
Ava Gardner || 36 -23 -37 (5ft 6)
Brigitte Bardot || 35.5 – 19 – 35 (5ft 7)
Elizabeth Taylor || 36C – 21 – 36(5t 3)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Famous knitters!

Jane Powell and Frank Sinatra

Mary Pickford

Rita Hayworth looking impossibly lovely!

Ingrid Bergman

Barbara Stanwyck

Greer Garson

Betty Grable


Bette Davis

Jean Harlow


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shimmy shake!

This is burlesque artist Sherry Britton. Looking pretty awesome I think. I'm going back to belly dancing. Though compared to Sherry I'm built more on 'traditional' lines. Turns out my old teacher is now doing classes in North Caulfield, a 15 minute tram trip down Carlisle Street. What I'd really like to do is make some costumes. Lots of fiddly bead work! I guess that sounds like fun! - Toodle Pip!