Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dig for Victory

Such a sunshiny day I just had to get out in the garden. My current project is to extend the Victory Garden a bit. The area next to it was choked with wretched spider plants so it needed some hefty spadework to clear. Took me two days but I'm super pleased with the results. The kittens came to help me and my neighbor Fleur brought me a cup of tea at just the right time!

The plan is to get some beetroot in, some pansies, marigolds and more parsley. Yes, more parsley! The new area has a lot of tree roots so if I get herbs in it will leave me room in the first patch for veggies. Love winter garden planning!


Sailor Lily said...

please blog again. I miss yours, I miss Wise's and it's hard to re-find mine without our little appreciation society... You owe a blog nothing but want you want to share. What's planned for the summer wardrobe lovely lady? Amanda

Anonymous said...

it's almost a year. please find a voice you can share again. It won't be this one most likely, but you have good things to say.