Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chestnut, pumpkin, peach and plum

My favourite seasonal activity is planning my wardrobe. I love packing away the last month's clothes, reviewing what I have and making lists of what I need to add. The best part is starting with colours for inspiration.

Pheasants! I think this is from a ladybird book. I've been busy sewing blouses in the pumpkin colours. But once you see past the rich rust of feathers there are dusky pinks, RAF blue, Kelly green, mulberry and plum. Delicious!

A few of these are from last year and each year I'll build on it. My 'pheasant collection' just needs a few of the contrasting colours and then I'll be done for now. And Spotlight is having a sale!! Mum's kindly going to start knitting a vest in RAF blue, using a vintage pattern from Stitches in Time. I just need some new - larger - swing trousers and the smocks can go! Yay!!

Here's a few of the other things I'm inspired by...

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Anonymous said...

I love autumnal colours - outside my office window the ornamental grape drapes over the decking rails in bright crimsons and ruby, shining like jewels when the sun breaks through; and outside the living room, the dying leaves of the ash lie in crunchy swathes, a carpet of gold.
Love the last blouse and the brown coat!!!!