Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pretty kitties

I'm reading about the printmaking and design of Edward Bawdrn and Eric Ravilious. But instead of a learned post about an era of prints I adore, I've been sidetracked by cats. Cats!!!

Enid Marx loved cats...
Feline fantasy (19???)

Gerard Marcks Cats in the attic (1920)

Frank Marc Two cats (1912)

Jon Nash A cat asleep (1920)

John Nash Cat on a chair (1920)

Eileen Mayo Prowling cat (1932)

Richard Bawden Sasha

Edward Bawden Cat

All these artists will get there own posts later!

(Written while in bed snuggling with three of the cats)

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Anonymous said...

I posted a comment days ago but it seems as if it didn't get it. How I love the cats. My favourite is Cat asleep on chair 1920. Aren't they all so different and yet all capture that feline quality.