Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sewing inspiration

The magnolia's are in bloom, the flowering quinces a searing tangerine under grey skies and my husband swears he can smell spring in the air. Two weeks till the turn of the season! Yet here in Melbourne it will be some time before the gloom finally lifts. Such a bitterly cold winter we've had!

I'd like to be sewing purples and plums and clear hunters' green.

And they're all frocks! I put on so much weight after hospital and my last crazy meds had me eating like a crazy little piggy. So it was very sad to realise that none of my dresses fit and none of my tried and true patterns would be of any use. With my birthday coming up I'm hoping I'll be able to make a wee trip to etsy and get one or two patterns in a more Juno-esque size! That's a hint people!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh hint hint hey!!!
Patterns look wonderful.
I guess a dress doesn't need a blue vest!!