Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The House of Worth: an archive

I ordered a luscious book for the library while I was going through my Gilded Age phase. It's a book of photographs from the archives of the House of Worth - probably the first couturier house as we know it. And while the images are fascinating, it IS their archives so there's a lot of sepia going on. Which I probably should have realised when I bought it. Thankfully, a lot of the gilded ladies in America donated their Worth dresses to cultural institutions, so there are a billionty one colour images available online.

I usually approach such books as if they were shopping catalogues but this time I'm determined to read the essays thoroughly! But the question remains: which would you wear?

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Anonymous said...

Oh defin8tely the black one (second from the top) - very Age of innocence!!!
Haven't I seen this book? Didn't we go through it? It looks familiar but perhaps that was something similar.
I don't think you'll be making any of these!!!!